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The candy-maker builds again

In an NYT article, Archie Marlin loses his recipes  For many of us, that would be hard. But for Mr. Marlin, it would have been devastating. Mr. Marlin is a candy-maker in the Seattle area, and sales at his store, The Alps,  had been up 30% in February.

And then the power went out. Mr. Marlin lit some lanterns that started his store on fire. His store caught on fire and he lost almost everything, including thousands of recipes that were keeping his store popular. Some of his recipes had been hand-written by his father. In the early dawn after the fire, he and his son-in-law are able to locate the office and the notebooks where the recipes are stored.¬† Thankfully, they were able to salvage many of the recipes that keep Seattle’s residents in chocolate, mustard, and chutney.

A few hours after rescuing the recipes, the rest of the candy store burned to a crisp.

Photo courtesy of ncwpics.com

Photo courtesy of ncwpics.com

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