Daily Archives: April 19, 2009

More on the SBA

Since I’ve earlier blogged about the happenings on the SBA, I thought I’d give a recap of a bunch of stuff that’s happened related to them in the past week.

First, Karen Gordon Mills has unveiled her helpers.  They include five women and seven men.  See the bizjournal.com’s article here.

Missouri’s House of Representatives is trying to help small business owners.  They’d like to let small businesses keep more of the sales tax money for the next three years.  For the Forbes article, click here.

So, its April.  The month of taxes.  Ick.  But the chairwoman of the House Small Business Committee wants to simplify taxes for small business owners.  That would be a huge relief. For the US News article, click here.

A GAO Report released two days ago said that the SBA was late in implementing new regulations that should help small businesses with lending.

I’ve seen hints that despite measures to help with small business lending, its still really difficult to get.  Any thoughts?